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The Live By Design Podcast | Intentional Living through Joy, Gratitude, & Healthy Habits

Kate House

Welcome to the Live By Design Podcast! I'm your host, Kate House. Join me each week for conversations about intentional living - with a special focus on cultivating joy, practicing gratitude, and prioritizing your own personal health and wellness through purposeful habit creation. We'll chat about everything from intentional goal setting, the power of vision boards, why habit stacking works, how to create your ideal morning routine, we’ll practice mindful breathing / meditation, and everything else in-between! If you're looking for someone to be an uplifting voice of a friend in your ear week after week, then you've come to the right place. As a health coach, yoga instructor, meditation enthusiast, slow-but-steady runner (13 half marathons and counting!), #boymama x2, and wife to my college sweetheart, it brings me no greater pleasure than to speak kindness, love, and encouragement into your earbuds and to instill in you the courage to take one step, each and every day, in the direction of your dreams. Together, let's live by design not default.
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